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The TIP is awarded to the technicians working in theatre or any part of the entertainment industry who make gadgets, devices or basically simple and smart solutions for our kind of work: those clever ideas that are mostly realized by inexpensive means and materials. The apparatus might only be used in one particular theatre, company, traveling show, sometimes just one country. This is an opportunity to share these inventions and clever devices with the international community through publication of the TIP Catalog, featuring the entries deemed most useful by an international panel of judges. From the selected entries, one especially deserving idea will be awarded the 2022 International Technical Invention Prize.

1.  The idea must be an apparatus or (auxiliary) tool that is specifically used in theatre technology (scenery, costumes, props, lighting, technical production), capable of being used at every location where theatre technology is practiced.

2.  It must consist of materials and/or parts and/or components that are ‘standard’ and can be acquired easily.

3.  Materials, parts and components that are developed for, and normally used in another industry may certainly be used in a new and different way for our discipline.

4.  The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool must be-–without possible doubt-–developed by a current or former theatre technician. Renowned solutions, gadgets or tools may not be entered into the competition.

5.  The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool must not be developed by a professional commercial company.

6.  The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool should be free of any rights and everyone should be able to use it without any financial consequences.

7.  The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool must already be in practical use somewhere.

8.  Individual or team (no more than 4 members) applicants accepted.

The top three entries will be recognized at the TIP award ceremony at World Stage Design 2022. The winner of the 2022 Technical Invention 1st Prize will receive a $1,000 USD cash prize, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive $500 USD and $250 USD respectively. Selected entries will be displayed in the TIP Exhibition at World Stage Design 2022.

The Technology commission will begin accepting entries for the 2022 International Technical Invention Prize on March 15, 2021. The closing time for entering the TIP Competition is Midnight, 23:59 UTC+0, November 30, 2021. The winners will be notified on February 14, 2022.  The official announcement and awarding of the 2022 International Technical Invention Prizes will be made at World Stage Design 2022, August 6-16, 2022 in Calgary, Canada.

There is no entry fee required for TIP.

※By entering, you give OISTAT the permission to use the texts, drawings and pictures you’ve submitted. The rights to the actual invention stay with the inventor.

Questions about the International Technical Invention Prize Competition, please email tip@oistat.org.

Should any applicant have difficulties with the online application please contact support@submittable.com for assistance.

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